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Be A Legend

Author: Vapour Beauty Staff
Be A Legend

Make no apologies. Be a legend. This self-assured look is decidedly wearable thanks to a singular focus. The unstoppable tomato red lip. With a clean complexion, warm bronzed skin and soft defined eyes, the pin-point bold lip becomes easy, accessible and doable. Make it yours.


A. Begin with the Primer of your choice. Apply to the center of the face and massage outwards with fingertips. Don’t forget to sweep a tiny amount of primer across eyelids from lash line to browbone. Make sure to wait a minute for your primer to dry down before applying foundation.

B. Prep lips with Lux Organic Lip Conditioner. Let this silky balm condition lips while you complete the complexion steps.

C. Using the Foundation Brush apply a small amount of Foundation of your choice to the center of your face. Then gently buff outwards in circular motions using light, short circular motions to achieve coverage. This brush and technique create a flawless, diffused finish.

D. Brighten under eyes using Luminous Foundation in a shade two shades lighter than your perfect foundation shade. Make sure to concentrate placement on the inner and outer corners of the under eyes for the most noticeable lift.

E. Set the skin with Perfecting Powder using the Powder Brush in a pressing and rolling motion. Start at the center of the face and work your way outwards. Make sure to set the sides of the face where you plan to apply bronzer but leave the top of the cheekbones un-powdered for a fresh skin look.


A. Add natural definition to the face by gently sculpting and bronzing key areas. With the Blush Brush apply Bronzing Powder in ECLIPSE to the temples, and blend towards the middle of the cheek, making sure to not go any further than the iris. Continue by sweeping Bronzing Powder across the forehead, bridge of the nose and under the chin.

B. Further sculpt by adding a small amount of Bronzing Powder to the eyelids. With All Over Shadow Brush, apply the bronzer across the mobile lid and into the crease. Follow up by blending the bronzer into the lower lash line using the Crease Brush.


A. First blot off any excess Lux Organic Lip Conditioner that may not have absorbed.

B. Swipe High Voltage Lipstick in LEGEND directly from bullet across the top and bottom lip and detail the edges for precise lines.

C. Create the perfect lip line by making a small ‘x’ at the cupid’s bow and a curved line under the center of your bottom lip. Then start at the outer corners and line up to the center of the top and bottom lip for maximum fullness. Make sure to take your time to perfect the entire surface. Please refer to illustration.



A. To tie the look together, press the smallest amount of Blush Powder in SMITTEN with Blush Brush onto the cheeks and blend. SMITTEN adds a touch of warmth and should be almost invisible to not overpower the lips.


A. Use Brow Definer in either DUSK or STORM to fill in the brow. Start at the arch and work down towards the tail in feathery strokes. Then softly fill in the front for a natural effect. Use the spoolie brush to shape and soften.

B. Finish with several coats of Mesmerize Mascara in JET.  Lightly apply the mascara to the tips of the top of the lashes. Then apply mascara to the underside of lashes. You want to do this immediately to prevent the lashes from losing curl. Start at the root and gently wiggle the wand to create volume at the base of the lashes as you pull the wand through to the tips. Pulling the wand out towards the temple leads to a cat eye effect, while pulling towards the center of the eye leads to more doll like lashes.


Look and photography by Vapour National Makeup Artist Nicole Cudzilo

MODEL WEARS: Lux Organic Lip Conditioner, Essential Daily Primer, Soft Focus Foundation in 123s, Bronzing Powder in ECLIPSE, Blush Powder in SMITTEN, High Voltage Lipstick in LEGEND, Brow Definer in DUSK, Mesmerize Mascara in JET.

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  • Tamara on

    The graphic showing how to line the lips is extremely helpful. Knowing your products are safe to put on our lips, even better!

  • Dyana Valenzuela on

    I love this red lipstick!!! I am going to have to try. Thanks for all the tips!

  • Helga on

    I wish I could wear red lipstick, yet no matter what shade of red I try, it looks too bright on me and creates a cheep look! The picture in the pod looks just wonderful, the girl has a perfect color type for red

  • Karin on

    Gorgeous makeup! I use almost all these products and love the feel and finish of my skin with them

  • SVetlana on

    Love this look!! Perfect for a date night. The most perfect red lip. Works well with any skin tone.

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