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BEEGAN - Deliberately Sustainable

Author: Vapour Beauty Team
BEEGAN - Deliberately Sustainable

We love Bees! Being intentionally plant-derived we honor these hard-working pollinators as the heroes of the food chainOver 80% of flowering plants need a pollinator to bear fruit – that includes most of the plants we eat and use in Vapour cosmetics!



Beeswax Honors Our Earth

We choose to formulate with ethically-sourced beeswax. This supports bee health and habitat, which are threatened by pollution and pesticides. Healthy pollinating bees are vital to the survival of all Earth’s species.

 Golden Honeycomb


Beegan Products

Essential Daily Primer, Gentle Illuminating Primer, Matte Smoothing Primer, Soft Focus Foundation, Luminous Foundation, Mesmerize Mascara, Lux Organic Lip Conditioner, Lux Conditioning Tint 

Beeswax Honors Our Skin

Ethically-sourced Beeswax is superbly compatible with our skin. It nourishes with antioxidants and softens by helping skin retain it’s own natural moisture. Beeswax provides a breathable, protective barrier against environmental assault and adds to the smooth, creamy textures of Vapour products. You can thank Beeswax for the skin feel and comfort of Luminous Foundation and the dreamy glide of Lux Conditioning Tints.

Other Beeswax Ingredients 

Polyglyceryl-3 Beeswax is made of 3 glycerine molecules and Beeswax. It draws in water from the surrounding air and locks it in the top layers of the skin. This adds creamy body to Essential Daily Primer and Mesmerize Mascara.


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