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Bronze + Glow 101

Author: Vapour Beauty Staff
Bronze + Glow 101

Together bronzer and highlighter will define your best features and customize your glow. Follow along for our essential guidelines and favorite pro tips.


For easy bronzing follow the ‘3B Technique’. Starting at the hairline on your forehead, trace a number 3 onto your face (or a letter B depending on which side you're on). This will guide the color right where it ought to go onto your forehead, cheekbone and jawline. Add highlighter for maximum glow.


When placing highlighter, think about where the sun would naturally kiss your face: forehead, bridge of your nose, cheekbones and chin. Other fun places to tap on highlighter are: brow bone, cupid’s bow and even the center of your eyelids.

For the smoothest blending, before application, warm Bronzing Stick and Highlight Stick on the back of your hand. This softens them so that they blend easily into your skin with a brush or finger tips. Fingertips are the best way to apply Highlight Stick to small areas of the face with precision.  


Brush choice makes a difference to how products will blend. For a softer, diffused application when using Bronzing Stick, choose the Blush Brush. For a more sculpted look choose the Foundation Brush.

When using Bronzing Powder for more precise application choose Blush Brush and for a diffused wash of color use Powder Brush.



You can layer Bronzing Stick and Bronzing Powder. Think about what you would like your end result to be. For extra luminosity, layer cream on top of powder. For extra longevity, layer powder over cream.

Amplify Glow

To amp up your glow, apply Gentle Illuminating Primer on bare skin to the high points of your face. Then place Highlight Stick on top. The primer will blend with the highlighter to create a dreamy, luminous finish.

Halo Eye

For a fun eye look, place a few layers of Bronzing Powder onto the mobile lid. Add a pop with Highlight Stick to the very center of the lid.

Highlight Deep Skin

On deep skin tones use Bronzing Stick as a warm golden highlighter. The golden glow adds beautiful warmth to the skin.

Control Intensity

The placement of your hand on the brush affects the amount of product that applies to your skin. For softer application hold handle further away from the bristles. For more intense color hold the brush closer to the ferrule, near the bristles. the 


See how to combine these tips and techniques into one look HERE

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