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Brow Mapping 101

Author: Vapour Beauty Staff
Brow Mapping 101

Create the Frame

Brows are a personal style statement. No matter if you go for thin brows or feathered, arched or angled, Brow Mapping is the first step to creating the brows of your dreams.

Map your ideal brow to start, arch and end in the right places. Let it guide you where to pluck or grow out brow hairs for symmetry and ultimately for using product to shape.

Hold your Brow Definer pencil at the angle from the side of your nose to the inner corner of your eye. The inside of your ideal brow starts here.

To find your arch look straight ahead and hold your pencil from the side of your nose. through the center of your iris. This indicates the ideal high-point of your brow arch.

To find the tail of your brow, hold your pencil from the outer corner of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye. This is the ideal spot for your brow to end.

Now with your personal brow map you are ready to create the perfect structured brows.

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  • Amanda on

    Sweet, simple and helpful tips, thanks Vapour!!

  • Stanzie on

    Love a good brow. Going to work on my brow game!

  • Dyana Valenzuela on

    Great tips!!! Can’t wait to try them out

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