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Brows 101 With Gina Caraballo

Author: Vapour Beauty Team
Brows 101 With Gina Caraballo

Gina Caraballo is a Natural Eyebrow Expert, Professional Makeup Artist and Vapour Beauty Brand Ambassador with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. Her business, For Love And Beauty, focuses on clean products and natural living. 

We asked Gina to break down her brow routine step by step with expert tips and tricks so you can learn how to get your best brows ever. 


I always start by rolling on my Radiant Brow Oil and massaging my brows.

Radiant Brow Oil is packed with organic, cold-pressed caster oil and infused with rosemary, nettle, plant-based silica, lavender, ylang ylang and cameilla seed oil. All these ingredients nourish and stimulate hair follicles, getting the blood flow going and helping your hair grow stronger and healthier. 


“We spend a lot of time and money on our skincare and haircare but what about our brow care? I'm intentional about every brow product that touches my clients and my own hair. The ingredients need to be nourishing and clean."



Have you ever mapped out your brows? I make sure I do this on every client. Here's why: This technique will help you find where your brow should start, arch and finish to best suit your bone structure and natural brow shape. 

Using your brush as a ruler, here's how you can find each spot:

  • Brows begin directly above the middle of the nostrils. 
  • The high part of the arch connects the tip corner of the nose with the middle of the iris.
  • Brows end where the corner of the nostril connects with the outer corner of the eye. 


Mark each spot before filling your brows in to create a guide for yourself.


STEP 3 (Optional) 

Using Vapour's Precision Brush, I apply powder (Vapour's recent blog, "Fill, Fluff, Define: Brows 3 Ways" includes a guide to using their Eyeshadow Quads) from the center of the brow to the tail end. The tail end of your brow should have the most product and can be a tad darker than the front end. 


If you want to fill in the top of your brow, brush your hairs down with a spoolie. This will help you see the gaps and follow the natural hair pattern. Create short, soft strokes with your brush and powder from the arch to the tail end. If you want to fill in the underside of the brow, use the same technique. 



I apply Architect Brow Gel in the opposite direction of hair growth with the longer bristles of the applicator brush, coating every strand of hair to give my brows major volume. Then I brush the brow hairs upward and out. This will start putting hairs perfectly in place. 

Next, I use the side of the brush with shorter bristles for more precise placement, brushing the front end of the hairs in an upwards direction. I also discovered I can use it on the tail ends of the brow to add some depth and color where I would usually fill in with my powder.

 Follow Gina on IG @for_love_and_beauty

I've been using Vapour Beauty's Architect Brow Gel for weeks now and I truly LOVE it! I use it to achieve a natural, feathered brow effect. I love how soft and flexible my brows feel - they stay nourished and styled perfectly all day. This is my perfect "mom and go" brow routine!


Content has been edited for length and clarity.

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