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Brush Cleaning 101

Author: Vapour Beauty Team
Brush Cleaning 101

If you aren’t in the habit of cleaning your brushes on the regular now is a good time to start. Think of brush cleaning as an essential part of your beauty routine. Dermatologists recommend cleaning makeup brushes every 7-10 days and eye brushes every two weeks.

When it comes to cleaning, regularity + technique are key. Here’s how to properly clean your brushes...


Saturate the brush head under the tap.

    Gently swirl bristles into soap to create a lather. You should see color coming off your brush.

    Rinse with water by working the soapy bristles in circular motions into the palm of your hand or a silicone brush cleaning mat. These mats are amazingly efficient because their surface is covered in tiny nubs that work their way into the bristles.

    Repeat until water runs clear.

      When the bristles are completely clean, use a damp cloth to wipe down the brush handle. Be sure to hold bristles facing down so water does not enter the ferrule.
      Squeeze out any excess water from the bristles to ensure the speediest drying time.
      Lay the brushes in open air on a clean towel, or microfiber drying mat, and let them air dry overnight.

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        • Indie Lee on

          Thank you so much for the Brightening Cleanser…also best brushes on the planet. xx

        • Kathleen Bowers on

          Thanks for the step by step. I’ve used Dr. Bronner’s products for cleaning brushes and can recommend them as well.

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