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Channel the Energies of Spring Equinox

Author: Vapour Beauty Team
Channel the Energies of Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox 2022 is here! It’s the first day of Spring and winter is officially over. If that weren’t enough, it’s also the first day of Aries season, AND the start of the Astrological New Year. This swirling energy is full of anticipation and forward momentum creating a bright moment to give your 2022 intentions a refresh and embrace your personal power.


Channel the Energies

During the Equinox both day and night are of equal length, light and dark are in balance. Use this portal to harness the power of opposites to create harmony in your life. Draw upon the dynamic power of Aries, an energy-fueled fire-sign, to embrace your personal power and drop old habits. Think of the Astrological New Year as a second chance to set New Year’s intentions. If you’ve been feeling sluggish all winter and looking for a fresh start, now is the time to set new intentions for some pleasurable beginnings.

A Harmonizing Ritual with Merlinite

Merlinite, aptly named for the magician of Arthurian legend, is a mystical stone of duality. The black and white color mirrors the balance of light and dark at the time of the Equinox when days and nights are of equal length. 

Find a quiet moment and light a candle with the intention to create a field of harmony. Hold two Merlinite stones, one in each hand. (If you do not have Merlinite use one light and one dark colored stone.) Consider the yin and yang symbol. Allow the stone in your left hand to be yin: earth, feminine, stillness. Allow the stone in your right hand to be yang: sky, male, action. Gaze into the candle flame. Allow your thoughts to float past your attention. Consider the meaning of the yin and yang stones in your palms – they represent two seemingly opposite forces and reveal how they are interdependent and complementary to each other. Focusing on bringing balance and harmony to yourself and your life.


Other ways to Honor the Spring Equinox


◦ Tell a Story

March 20 is World Storytelling Day in the northern hemisphere. Dare to tell a story you've never shared or an old favorite that makes you laugh. 


◦ Sow Some Seeds

Get your hands in the dirt and plant some vegetable or flower seeds to enjoy later in the season. Sowing seeds is an act of faith and an affirmation of something positive to come in the future. 


◦ Balance an Egg

It turns out that it’s a myth that an egg can only be stood on its end on the Equinox – but it’s a fun way to focus your energy on balance. Give it a try. 


◦ Enhance your Cheeks with Swirling Color

Blend Aura Multi Stick onto your cheeks, lips and eyelids for a healthy hint of creamy, dewy color. Or swirl a soft wash of Blush Powder onto the apples of your cheeks for a velvety springtime flush. 

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