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Diffused Summer Eyes

Author: Vapour Beauty Team
Diffused Summer Eyes
Christian wears Eyeshadow Quad in Archetype, Mesmerize Mascara in Jet, Essential Daily Primer, Luminous Foundation in 110L, Perfecting Powder, Lux Conditioning Tint in Hush (lips + cheeks), and Highlight Stick in Moonlight.



For a refined twist on a traditional winged liner, we used our Fierce Gaze Set for this diffused shadow look that offers ultimate lift + dimension without any harsh lines. This set includes your Eyeshadow Quad of choice, Mesmerize Mascara for glossy black lashes, and our Detail + Precision Brushes to beautifully sculpt and shape endless eye looks.


Begin the eyes with your favorite Vapour Eyeshadow Quad, We chose ARCHETYPE for this look because of its warm, alluring shades that flatter any eye color + skin tone.

Christian with Eyeshadow Quad in Archetype

Sketch out your desired shadow shape with CINNAMON on our Detail Brush. Drag the color slightly above the crease and pull outwards in a large, soft wing to create structure + dimension.

Use your fingertip to pick up a small amount of GINGER and press it onto the inner third of the mobile lid for a soft halo of light.

Use NUTMEG on our Detail Brush to deepen the shadow in the outer corner. Use a patting motion to build color + depth and a sweeping motion to blend outwards into your soft wing. Run this color gently along the outer half of the bottom lash line for extra depth.

Slightly dampen our Precision Brush with water and pickup CLOVE on both sides of the brush. Stamp this color into the outer corners of the top and bottom lashline and slowly diffuse into the larger wing shape you’ve already created.

You can achieve different effects with your brushes depending on whether the bristles are wet or dry. A dry brush will lay down less pigment in a larger + softer radius, where a damp brush will concentrate the color and create a darker, more precise stroke. Use both techniques to customize your contrast and saturation.

Finish the eyes by adding a few coats of Mesmerize Mascara in JET and make sure to let each coat dry slightly before building up for the best results.

Clean up any fallen shadow before selecting your favorite Vapour primer and foundation to create your super natural base; we used Essential Daily Primer and Luminous Foundation for a fresh + balanced complexion.

Diffuse any shiny areas with a small amount of Perfecting Powder applied with our Sculpting Brush. Setting the complexion only where needed will keep the skin looking healthy + luminous while providing extended wear-time.

For extra glow, tap Highlight Stick in MOONLIGHT onto the tops of the cheekbones and under the brow bone for lift.

Add a soft wash of Lux Conditioning Tint in HUSH to the cheeks + lips for subtle color that ties the look together without overpowering the eyes.

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