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Autumnal Equinox Energy Shift

Author: Vapour Beauty Team
Autumnal Equinox Energy Shift

The long days of summer have passed as we enter this season of transition. In astrology, the autumnal equinox unfolds as the Sun enters Libra, the sign of balanced scales. The equinox represents symmetry, balance & harmony. Day and night are of equal length and we receive equal amounts of Sun & Moon energy.

Autumnal energy shift is a time to slow down, go inside and self-reflect. Take cues from Nature; leaves are changing color and trees release what they no longer need. It’s time to harvest your energy, acknowledge precious resources and be grateful. Review and let go of what no longer serves you

Stones for Balancing and Attuning to the Energies of the Equinox 


The Moon is more visible as Autumn unfolds. She rules our inner landscape. Moonstone helps us go inside and connect with our intuitive and psychic nature. It is also a soothing stone and embodies feminine energy.


Sunstone harnesses the power of the Sun. It shines light where there is darkness, brings warmth where there is cold, and gives vitality where there is sluggish energy. It fills your heart with positive energy and surrounds you in the spirit of good luck.


Ways to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox

Make a gratitude list: The benefits of focusing on gratitude have long lasting effects! It helps promote happiness, reduces stress, and can be a powerful source of inspiration.

Eat an autumn meal: Nourish and warm your body from the inside with root veggies and soup. Shop at a local farmers market and choose seasonal harvest.

Make a bonfire: The element of fire has great transformative power and symbolizes our inner light. Let gazing at the living flames take you deep inside.

Adorn yourself in multidimensional mineral pigments: Layer Moonstone from the Labyrinth Eye Quad with Bronzing Stick in Simmer on lids for a celestial nod to the Equinox.

Other ways to Honor the Season

  • Pick sunflowers
  • Stand up an egg
  • Go for a walk in nature
  • Restore balance in your home
  • Give things you no longer need to charity

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  • Princess Vany on

    Have a Vapoury fall season ⛈🍁😇
    :) your products are incredible !a berry happy customer 🌟⚡️🌟🦌

  • Vera S. on

    Thank you for this! Autumn has always seemed sad to me, life coming to an end for the year, but your suggestions have changed my perspective. Thank you!

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