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Everyday Red Lip

Author: Krysia Boinis
Everyday Red Lip

A red lip is surprisingly versatile. A red lip can be your one and only accessory, worn with a bare face and sweats. It can be an artsy statement, a badge of boardroom confidence, an edgy assertion, or down right sexy. It’s all about the attitude you bring to it.


Considering your skin tone can help guide you. We’ve got a virtual rainbow of reds to complement every complexion so let’s find the one for you...

If you have COOL tones in your skin choose reds with a blue hue. These reds will help make your teeth appear whiter.


If you have WARM tones in your skin choose reds with a touch of orange. Poppy reds can help counteract any green or sallowness in warm toned skin.


My Way

Lately I’ve been loving a modern popsicle stained red lip. I just tap my finger on the bullet and apply to lips for a low maintenance stain. Another twist on a classic red lip is a semi-transparent red gloss that delivers all the mood + shine.

The Precise Way

Nicole Cudzilo, our National Makeup Artist, shares her Pro Tips for Perfect Red Lips: “For high impact color, apply lipstick to the lips directly from the bullet. Use the tip to create precise edges. To create the perfect lip line, make a small ‘x’ at the cupid’s bow and a curved line under the center of your bottom lip. Then start at the outer corners and line up to the center of the top and bottom lip for maximum fullness. Make sure to take your time to perfect the entire surface. Fill in with your favorite red lipstick. Blot with a tissue before reapplying a second layer for bold all-day color.” 

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  • Rachel on

    I have cool-tone skin and knowing to always look for blue-based reds has made a huge difference. One color does not suit all.

  • Tracy Heiner on

    I absolutely love your lipsticks! I have the Velvet Gloss in Reckless with me always. I especially love the mirror on the new packaging. I also have the Elixir Gloss in Amor. It’s moisturizing and not at all sticky and the color is just what I was looking for. Now, I need to try one of the bullets!

  • Lisa Beachler on

    I love the look of a RED lipstick. It’s very empowering and sexy!

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