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Fill, Fluff, Define: Brows 3 Ways

Author: Vapour Beauty Team
Fill, Fluff, Define: Brows 3 Ways
Did you know that brow shape is an easy and temporary way to update your look?

Whether you want to fill in sparse brows, fluff up for extra volume or neatly define, our one-step, multi-tasking Architect Brow Gel tints + adds flexible hold for a natural look.  



Fill in any sparse areas by running the brush over the skin that underlies your brow hairs to tint and add shadow—make sure that you don’t just catch the hairs. Use the tip of the brush in narrower areas where extra precision is needed. 

Nicole demonstrates Fill technique
Nicole wears Luminous Foundation 117L, Bronzing Powder in ECLIPSE, Lip Nectar in CHILL, Lux Organic Lip Conditioner, Astral Volumizing Mascara, and Architect Brow Gel in HORIZON.


For extra fill, apply a neutral shade from one of our Eyeshadow Quads with our Precision Brush before adding brow gel. 

Those with cool blonde or grey hair can try COPAL from our Intention Quad, while those with warm blonde or red hair should try CINNAMON from our Archetype Quad. If you have brown or black hair, CLOVE from Archetype Quad will be your best bet!



Start by brushing your brow hairs backwards–opposite of their natural growth pattern–to raise the hairs upright and create volume. Let it set for just a moment before combing back in the correct direction.

To easily clean up any brow gel that gets on your skin, wait for it to dry fully before flaking off with a clean dry spoolie, or use a dampened angled brush to wipe away any mistakes.

Nicole demonstrates Fluff technique
I enjoy using the side with the longer bristles to catch all of my brow hairs and distribute product, and then using the side with shorter bristles to lay the hairs back in place.




Comb the front half of the brow upwards in short strokes to pull the hairs into place. Follow up by combing the back half of the brow outwards towards your temples. Alternate between both sides of the applicator to see what fits your natural shape + density the best. 

Nicole demonstrates Define technique
For extra hold with any of these techniques, apply brow gel normally and let it halfway dry before adding a few final comb-throughs to set in place without redipping or adding additional product. 


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