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Flush with Color

Author: Vapour Beauty Team
Flush with Color

Drape your lips and cheeks in the deep, rose petal red of Aura Multi Stick in Dare. Its soft, juicy texture glides over the skin leaving behind rich, blendable color for a free-spirited glow that conjures warm + fragrant summer nights.

Prep is Essential

Begin by prepping the skin with your favorite Vapour primer. We used Essential Daily Primer for a balanced base and started our application at the center of the face before blending outwards.

Balance your skin by adding foundation to any areas of redness or discoloration but leave the rest of the skin bare for the most natural result. We used Luminous Foundation applied with fingertips for an effortless light-medium coverage.

Using a brush or puff, press and roll a small amount of Perfecting Powder onto any areas that tend to get shiny. Pressing and rolling will lock in your foundation without disturbing the coverage.

Add a few coats of Mesmerize Mascara in JET to open the eyes and create soft + fluffy lashes with natural definition. 

For a cat-eye lash effect, pull all of your strokes outwards; for a rounded doll-like lash pull all of your strokes up + towards the center of the eye.

Model Ty applying Aura Multi Stick in "Dare"

Ty wears: Essential Daily Primer, Luminous Foundation in 135L, Perfecting Powder, Mesmerize Mascara in JET, and Aura Multi Stick in DARE on lips + cheeks.

Flush with Color

Apply Aura Multi Stick in DARE to the apples of the cheeks and blend slightly upwards for a lifted effect. Pat and press the color into your skin until your desired intensity is achieved and blend in with your fingers or our Sculpting Brush. If you add too much you can always diffuse the edges with a little bit of foundation! 

For the best glide, make sure to warm Aura up on the back of your hand before applying to the face. This will transform the organic beeswax into a creamy, dreamy texture that melts effortlessly into the skin. Once activated, you may choose to apply the color directly from stick-to-skin or by picking up the color off the back of your hand. 

Finish with Detail

To complete the look, swipe or press DARE onto the lips. Use your fingers or our Detail Brush to blend your lip line for a crisp or blurry edge. 


For extra longevity apply Aura to the lips, blot with a tissue and add another layer of color.

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