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Fresh Blush Effects

Author: Vapour Beauty Team
Fresh Blush Effects

Amplify your cheeky intentions with four blush looks that intensify your radiance. Wearing blush in fresh + intuitive ways isn’t about packing on color. Shift your focus towards playing with placement and blending.


Fluid and Free

For a natural, fresh and in-the-flow look, apply blush on the apples and diffuse up + back to the hairline. This creates a subtle teardrop shape that tapers as it blends out.

Perfect with Blush Powder in Obsess or Aura in Courtesan



    Sun Lover

    Look your best with a sun-kissed glow. Apply blush across the bridge of your nose and cheeks. Add a touch of color along your forehead and over your eyelids. This looks the most believable and flattering when layered with bronzer. Gorgeous with Blush Powder in Smitten or Mischief. Or try Aura in Spark or Intrigue.



    For a liberated and high fashion vibe, drape blush along the tops of your cheeks and blend up into the temple. Diffuse it into the outer eye area for a soft, blown-out wash of color. This technique is also a fun way to mix colors. Apply one blush shade as the base then use another complementary shade to blend into the temples and eyes. Mix Blush Powder in Smitten + Mischief or Instinct + Obsess. Or Mix Aura Multi Stick in Eros + Lure, or Spark + Intrigue


    Higher Intentions

    For a romantic angelic look, play up pinched + rosy cheeks by applying blush on the apples of your cheeks in soft swirling circles. Make sure the color diffuses outwards and becomes softer as the shape extends. Perfect with Blush Powder in Instinct or Aura Multi Stick in Sultry.





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