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From Beauty Enthusiast to Content Creator with @sarak4beauty

Author: Vapour Beauty Team
From Beauty Enthusiast to Content Creator with @sarak4beauty
@sarak4beauty wears Matte Smoothing Primer, Luminous Foundation in 130LPerfecting PowderMesmerize MascaraBronzing Powder in Eclipse and High Voltage Lipstick in Blaze.


"I was born in Morocco and came to the USA around age 11 - it was a whole new and interesting world for me! I quickly began to learn English because I was so excited to be able to communicate with new friends. 

As I went to high school I realized all the possibilities. I could become anything I wanted to become! Since I loved helping people, I wanted to be a nurse or at least be in the medical field. I also wanted to do facials, which was the closest I could get to natural beauty, since, at that time, the only choices in beauty were in hairdressing or makeup. Fast forward to now--the possibilities in beauty are endless which I’m so grateful for because it lets me do what I love every day!"


What prompted you to start your journey into clean beauty?

I started getting into clean beauty when my deodorant began causing irritations, so I started doing research into what was in it. As I learned of the toxins inside the conventional deodorants, I started looking for an effective one but with better ingredients! Then I got pregnant, so I started being more conscious of what skincare products I’d buy and what ingredients I’d apply on my body.


As your daughter gets older, what do you hope she learns from watching you practice self care in your beauty rituals?

I hope that my daughter learns to take time to care for herself - for if she’s healthy and happy, everyone and everything around her will be as well!


Sara wears Eye Quad in Intention


What beauty tips did you learn from the women in your family growing up in Morocco?

I grew up with my grandmother and I loved watching her do her simple skincare and makeup. Her skin was always glowing and gorgeous. The tips I learned from her are to always exfoliate, use rose water to tone and use a heavy moisturizer. She also loved khôl liner to bring out her eyes. Now I find myself doing the same thing!


How did you move from a clean beauty enthusiast to a beauty content creator?

As I was making the switch to clean beauty, I noticed that a lot of my family and friends were not really aware of the ingredients in the products they used daily, and how it affected their health. So I decided to start reviewing products to help them make better choices. I was always being asked about my skincare routine and how I get my makeup to look natural so it made sense!


What has been the best part about working with brands?

Getting to know the founders and really understanding the process of how they come out with our favorite products is the best part. Connecting with the founders makes the experience of using their products even more special! 


What are your three favorite Vapour products?

It's hard to pick a favorite Vapour Beauty product because I literally love the whole line! But if I really, really had to pick three they would be:  


What never fails in making you feel the most "authentically you"?

I feel most authentically me when I am creating content! I love playing with colors and textures. Knowing that sharing my experience with a product could help someone find the best skincare or makeup to make them feel beautiful brings me so much joy!



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  • Amanda Thayer on

    Sara, I loved reading more about you and how you got into clean beauty! You are my favorite influencer to follow because you focus on the ingredients of each product and how it looks and feels. You’re amazing!

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