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Inspiration: Matte Smoothing Primer

Author: Kristine Keheley
Inspiration: Matte Smoothing Primer

Well before I became a cosmetics formulator, I was an artist, a painter, and still am. The way I see as a painter and use materials definitely translates to makeup artistry. Applying cosmetics to illuminate and enhance the beauty of the skin is so connected to how I work with light and color on a canvas. My aim with both art and makeup is all about achieving a glow from underneath the surface. I want my paintings to look like they are their own light source. That they are etheric and made from light and color, not paint.

Similarly, makeup artists use cosmetics to create lighting effects on the face. Specific products used in combination can create a dewy glow or a flawless satin finish.

Great looking skin is an attainable goal no matter your age or skin type. Using a primer before you apply foundation is the easiest and most significant positive change you can make to your healthy beauty routine. Vapour has always been about the bridge between skincare and cosmetics. We’re known for our expertise in complexion and how our foundations deliver healthier looking skin. However there is more to this than simply foundation. How you achieve that stunning lit-from-within finish on a face, or a painting, starts with a base—the Primer.

In art, priming a canvas plays a huge technical role in arriving at the final visible painted surface. I’ve come to see it as the first layer of paint and even content. I set my intentions, begin the “drawing,” and set up textures with those first thoughtfully applied coats of painting primer. 

Cosmetic primers serve the same role. It’s a calming, almost ritualistic application that leads to a smooth, perfect, longer-wearing finish. Over the past year Vapour has been researching how to create that perfection for everyone. Each skin type calls for a solution-based primer.

("Cloudbreak," oil on canvas by Kristine Keheley; Kristine Keheley, Vapour Cofounder)

Matte Smoothing Primer is a result of this and offers extraordinary performance for skin that needs a little extra toning and smoothing. We recommend Matte Smoothing Primer as the prep for Velvet Glow Foundation. 

My most natural face is Primer, Foundation and Mesmerize Mascara. An insider tip on application: I highly recommend using Vapour’s Foundation Brush. It’s astonishing how smooth and refined your skin becomes with this one tool.

Once you experience your perfect primer there’s no going back. It’s transformational.

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