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Get to know our cofounder Kristine Keheley

Author: Vapour Beauty Team
Get to know our cofounder Kristine Keheley

Meet Vapour founder Kristine Keheley, an artist whose first love is pure color. 

Kristine is the colorist and formulator behind Vapour’s innovative, clean formulas. She is driven by a passion for revolutionizing product performance with a commitment to ingredient and supply chain integrity. Kristine’s creativity, coupled with her focus on sustainability, positions Vapour Beauty at the forefront of clean product formulation. 

Why pursue natural beauty?

It's been such a huge part of my life for the last 20 years that, at this point, it's like breathing. Initially it came from childhood influences of loving color and scent in the form of lipstick and perfume. “Beauty is the Healer” is my life motto, and while I mean that on a deep level, it can also apply to the perfect lipstick.

"Why Natural" is really down to my conviction that if each of us finds our own small way to contribute to making the world a little cleaner and more conscious, then all of those small acts move the needle and the world is made better.

When/Where are you happiest?

In Taos, watching a sunset with my friends, catching up, laughing together and supporting one another.

Your greatest challenge?

Personal Growth—the urge to evolve and experience as much as possible has been with me since I was a child.

Your greatest indulgence?

Objects of beauty—art and jewelry mostly. And I love to entertain, so great food and wine to share with my friends.

Kristine's painting Lava Falls + paint in her studio

Kristine's painting Lava Falls + paint in her studio

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Change itself is constant. I'm always a work in progress so I reflect on different aspects of myself continuously. This past year in particular has been transformational.

I think of my rough edges as points of evolution, not as problems to fix. I hope we all give ourselves the kindness and compassion we give our dearest friends.

How do you relax?

One of my favorite things is to walk in the foothills above Taos. I love watching the light change across the landscape throughout the day, that is a main source of joy and peace.

Your favorite beauty hack?

I always say happiness is the best beauty hack, but beyond that it's an ice cube massage to my under eye area and an abundance of Gentle Illuminating Primer.

Your Number 1 self-care Tip?

Exercise in nature.

Favorite Vapour products?

Our new Mesmerize Mascara is second-to-none in performance and clean ingredient profile. It’s been a long time in conceptualizing and product development and it is worth the wait. It's actually so soft and conditioning that every time I apply it I feel like I'm giving my lashes a treatment.

High Voltage Lipstick—since Day One of Vapour I have longed for a molded lipstick. Finally we have it and it's a stunner. We spared no expense on the pigment load and we pushed performance on the matte shades so that they absorb light but are moisturizing to the lips. They are magic.

How do you see the Evolution of Beauty?

Movements and ideas I have been championing for the last 20 years are already happening which is SO heartening. The beauty industry is moving quickly toward ever cleaner and more responsible ingredient sourcing. Innovation on plant-based performance ingredients will continue. Inclusivity, love, respect and empowerment for all people of every possible appearance is becoming a given. That last piece is so vital to our human evolution and I think the beauty world has an important social responsibility role in this. What each of us is capable of contributing has the power to change the world. Beauty is intimate and expressive and should encourage the wearer.

If you could change ONE thing in the world, what would it be and why?

A complete full-stop on fear of the Other.

What is your vision for the future of Vapour?

I have no doubt that Vapour is capable of leading innovation on the product and ingredients front. I want to see our social messages of what beauty is continue to strengthen and emerge. Sustainability is more than a lip service concept to us—it's a deep heart-based brand mission that has been present since our founding.


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