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Get to know our cofounder Krysia Boinis

Author: Vapour Beauty Team
Get to know our cofounder Krysia Boinis

Meet Vapour founder Krysia Boinis, the quintessential Taos nature girl. 

Krysia is the OG unconventionalist. Krysia broke free from the pressure to conform to society’s standards when she discovered the free-spirited community of Taos, NM. A true pioneer in clean beauty, Krysia’s passions for cultivating consciousness, transparency, wellness, deliberate sustainability and creating inclusive beauty are infused in the values of Vapour.

Why pursue natural beauty? 

Natural beauty is a state of being that radiates from within. It’s worth pursuing because it’s authentic and it can’t be contained. I’m drawn to cultivate it inside and out with mindful choices and practices. Vapour is one way I’m able to share my passion with others.

Your greatest indulgence?

Working with my personal trainer for over ten years and getting regular deep tissue body work. Both help me maintain physical, mental and emotional balance.

Your current state of mind?

I am fully present with whatever comes up and I’m doing do my best to allow it to flow through me in the moment so that I can be present for the next thing. Building a brand and a business presents endless variety so there is no time to stay stuck or attached to any one thing. Every hour of every day there is a mix of opportunity, accomplishment, frustration and fires to put out. I am enjoying all of it, for me the joy is in the journey.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I would like to release all self-limiting beliefs that are holding me back from being my best self. 

How do you maintain balance on a daily basis?

I make time to begin each day with meditation, breathwork, exercise and whole foods. I spend time outdoors as often as possible, even if it’s just for a half hour walk after work. I count on Nature to bring me back to center, no matter what sort of day it’s been.


“Nature brings me back to center” - Krysia in Abiquiu, NM


Your favorite beauty hack?

Gently exfoliate regularly with fine grain organic cane sugar mixed with grapeseed oil. It’s my secret to super smooth, hydrated skin.    

Your Number 1 Self Care Tip?

Focus on the good stuff. I came to understand the real benefit of positive thinking when I was faced with a life-threatening stage 3 cancer diagnosis. I wanted to apply everything I could to help myself heal. Today, over ten years cancer free, I find that what I give attention to amplifies in my life and shapes my mood, stress level, self-confidence and creativity. When I choose to focus on the positive aspects of whatever life throws my way, it has the effect of bringing me into the moment and helping me be happy in the now.

Favorite Vapour products?

I have so many favorites that I have them on rotation. Right now, I’m loving our new Essential Daily Primer which in itself is a skin treat with nourishing Baobab, antioxidant Cranberry and toning Ginger water. It’s lightweight and beautifully preps my skin for Soft Focus Foundation. Our beloved Soft Focus Foundation gives my skin the signature Vapour glow— that inner luminosity and truly supernatural finish Vapour is known for.


I often go for a clean complexion with a bold lip. Our new High Voltage Lipstick in BLAZE complements my warm skin tone with a comfortable satin finish and incredible color.

How do you see the evolution of beauty?

There is no doubt that clean beauty is becoming the new norm. I see people integrating their desire for beauty with their values. I am excited by a positive future where we respect natural resources and each other.   

If you could change ONE thing in the world, what would it be and why?

Imagine the possibilities if we were all open-minded and open-hearted.

What is your vision for the future of Vapour?

I see Vapour leading the evolution of clean color cosmetics well beyond the natural beauty space and into the conventional cosmetic arena.



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