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Lifted Cheek Effect

Author: Vapour Beauty Team
Lifted Cheek Effect

Who doesn’t want supermodel cheekbones? Achieve sculpted, yet not-overly-made-up cheeks using multi-purpose cream products. It’s all about creating dimension that feels comfortable and looks believable.

Luminous Foundation Stick is the perfect tool to naturally sculpt the face because it’s made to softly melt into the skin for a seamless blend. Aura Multi Stick adds a subtle flush and finishes the look with a dreamy, creamy wash of color.

Both can be applied with Blush Brush, fingertips or swiped directly from the stick onto the skin. For the creamiest blend + application regardless of the method you choose, make sure to warm up stick products on the back of your hand before applying.


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With fingertips, gently tap along your cheeks until you find your cheekbone. Instead of applying your perfect contour shade of Luminous Foundation Stick below the bone, start closest to the ear and follow right on the cheekbone itself, softly blending upwards for a lifted effect.


Apply your favorite shade of Aura Multi Stick slightly higher on the apples of the cheeks then you usually would, and blend up + back towards the top of the cheekbones. Your blush shade should start to effortlessly nestle and melt into your contour placement for a healthy, natural, lifted effect.


Apply your highlight using Luminous Foundation Stick along the outer edge of the orbital bone and slightly back towards the temple. Keep the width of this shade thin for the most contrast and lift. Your ideal highlight shade will be 2-3 shades lighter than your perfect complexion match!

Nicole Wears: Luminous Foundation Stick in 117L (base) + 115L (highlight) + 140L (contour), Aura Multi Stick in Courtesan, Mesmerize Mascara in Jet and Lux Lip Conditioner.

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