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Lipstick Logic

Author: Kristine Keheley
Lipstick Logic

I’ll admit I’m an obsessed lipstick collector. By highlighting our lips, we draw bold attention to our voices. I regularly ask strangers what they’re wearing and it’s surprising how much they like to share. I know my best friends’ shades and brands. Many of us wear a signature shade of lipstick, as we would perfume, as a symbol of empowered identity.


Kristine in the Vapour alchemy lab

Pushing Boundaries of Performance

Maximum pigment with comfortable long lasting wear was our goal when developing High Voltage Lipstick. We invite this kind of performance challenge—it’s our passion. The intensity and brightness of color we achieve without the use of FD&C pigment and silicone is—remarkable.

Spellbinding Color

We choose to use only cosmetic grade mineral pigments and natural carmine. This could produce murky muddy neutrals since we won’t use chemical FD&C yellow and red. Vapour products are made without FD&C pigments due to their coal tar origin and human health and safety issues. Instead, we opt for minerals with a mixologist’s touch.

Our deep knowledge of plant based ingredients is combined with an expert understanding of how to achieve gorgeous color. Color is a fine art: emotional, psychological and expressive.

Keeping it Clean

Clean ingredients are important in lipstick because ingestion is unavoidable. We do eat quite a bit of the lipstick we wear. So we choose ingredients considering their impact on human and environmental health. We look at how they are grown, how they are processed and the effect that has on the finished product. We believe in keeping it clean with the power of plants.

Silicone is the status quo in lipstick because it’s a cheap way to suspend pigment and achieve glide. We reject it because it’s a potential skin irritant made by a process involving fossil fuels. As a more sustainable solution we use an intelligent combination of moisturizing plant waxes and oils. The magic is in the perfect ratio that suspends our pigments for perfect even color payoff on the lips.

Color Theory

We utilize color theory and our range of twelve High Voltage Lipsticks show it in action. The shades work beautifully across a wide range of skin tones because colors are multidimensional and pigments are natural. They pick up on your unique skin tone and look beautiful on everyone. Never artificial or plastic.

My Fave

MADAM is “my” shade—my go-to—I can’t live without it and I’m never without a stick close by. It’s also the shade I riff off of when the mood strikes. I wear PRIMAL under MADAM to create a cool deep rose, and layer CHEMISTRY on top of MADAM for approachable warmth.

Lipstick is a chance to step away from your own convention. Dare to try a new look for a new day’s adventure.

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