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More Bang for your Brush

Author: Nicole Cudzilo
More Bang for your Brush

The right brushes make all the difference. That’s why we’ve curated a tight selection of four multipurpose brushes that can achieve any look—from no-makeup-makeup to supernatural glam. 

Our ‘how to apply’ brush guides flex serious range with the cleanest, most sustainable products on the market. Get creative with sustainable brushes designed to shape, sculpt, and perfect your skin-nourishing makeup look.

Remember, step one is always to prep your skin (we recommend Indie Lee's Purifying Face Wash). 

Foundation Brush

Perfect to use for your complexion routine, including laying down your primer or blending out foundation. 

Suggested Uses:


Always apply product directly onto the skin or palette, never the brush.

Sculpting Brush

This brush is your powder product sidekick. With its tear-dropped shape, you can deliver precise placement, perfectly disperse across your face, and get around the side of the nose, under eyes, forehead and chin with ease.

Suggested Uses:

Detail Brush

A tapered brush used to finely place and blend at any point in your makeup routine.

Suggested Uses:

  • Apply Eyeshadow 
    • Use on lower lash line to add depth
    • Smoke out liner
    • Add extra contrast in smaller areas like outer corners, crease and inner corners
  • Spot conceal blemishes or discoloration
  • Apply Lipstick 

Use Detail Brush to lightly blur the edge of the lip line for a soft, effortless effect.

Precision Brush

With super fine, sharp angled bristles, achieve flawless perfection on your eyes, brows and lips.

Suggested Uses:

  • Apply liner—Use a dampened brush to pick up shadow and create a soft or sharp liner look
  • Apply lipstick—Create a carved, perfected lip line with High Voltage Lipstick


We recommend keeping two of the Detail and Precision brushes in your collection if you know that you’d like to use them for both EYES and LIPS. This will let you move from one step in your makeup routine to the next without having to clean the brush.


With these tools, you can play, create and reveal yourself in any way you’d like!



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