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Primer 101

Author: Krysia Boinis
Primer 101

Maybe you wear a full face of makeup every day? Or just a touch of concealer and a swipe of mascara and you’re out the door? Whatever your look, primer is a key to looking your best. Many people skip primer because they don’t think it makes a difference, don’t understand how to apply it or think it’s not worth the extra step.

What is primer and do you really need it?

Primer prepares skin for makeup. It is applied after skin care, including sunscreen, and before foundation, concealer and color cosmetics.

The primary purpose of primer is to keep skin fresh and color true all day. But this hard working/multi-tasking product category does so much more. The question is: are you content with the overall look, feel, finish and wear of your makeup? Do you want to boost your glow? Diminish shine from your T-zone? Minimize the appearance of pores? Lengthen makeup wear time? If any of these could be improved… read on… Finding the right primer can be a game changer to how your makeup performs.

Which primer is right for me?

Conventional primers are often silicone based to smooth and blur the appearance of skin. Our clean primers smooth, blur and more without this questionable ingredient. Each Vapour primer contains specific plant-based actives for optimal skin health and desired skin effects.



If you want a pocketbook-friendly primer that is ultra smooth and lightweight, this one’s for you.

“It’s got a light, silky feel that keeps skin fresh and smooth. And I love that it adapts to both dry and humid conditions to keep the skin feeling balanced all year round,” says National Makeup Artist, Nicole Cudzilo. “It’s my go-to because it’s great for all skin types and all skin tones. It blends in like a dream and never looks heavy.”


Choose Gentle Illuminating Primer if you have redness, uneven skin tone or just want to amplify your glow on days you don’t want to wear foundation but do want a fresh, perfected look.

“...the Vapour Gentle Illuminating Primer is wonderful if your dry skin eats your makeup or cracks,” says MUA Merrady Wickes. —WELL + GOOD


Want a matte look? Desire smaller pores? Looking to reduce shine? This is the multi-tasking primer for all of these benefits.

“Matte Smoothing Primer offers extraordinary performance for skin that needs a little extra toning and smoothing,” says Kristine Keheley, Vapour cofounder.

How to Apply Primer

Primer is applied after your last skin care step and before your makeup.

1) Start by applying a small amount of primer. A little goes a long way with primer. More is not better and can even undermine your makeup. Let your skin type inform how much to apply.

2) Fingers are the best way to work primers into the skin for a smooth and even finish.

3) Allow primer a minute to absorb into skin before applying the next product in your routine.

Primer Missteps to Avoid

1) The #1 mistake with primers is applying other products too soon. Really let primer have a full minute to dry down into the skin before reaching for your foundation or concealer.

2) The second application faux pas to sidestep is applying too much primer. A pea-size dollop is all you need. 

3) Wrong primer for your skin type. Primers have specific benefits so evaluate your skin and choose primer accordingly.

4) Choose a primer that works with your foundation. Vapour makes it easy because all our Primers and Foundations are compatible and fun to mix and match for custom effects.

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