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Sculpting with Luminous

Author: Vapour Beauty Team
Sculpting with Luminous

Two Shades are Better than One

Using Luminous Foundation Stick in multiple shades is the easiest way to add a natural sculpt to the face. Whether you choose your perfect shade plus a lighter shade to brighten + lift, or your shade plus a deeper shade to add depth and dimension - two shades are always better than one! It may seem counterintuitive, but using more than one foundation color actually keeps your makeup looking more minimal, because everyone's complexion is naturally comprised of a variety of tones!

Nicole wears Essential Daily Primer, Luminous Foundation in 117L + 140L (to contour), Perfecting Powder and Lux Organic Lip Conditioner


Depth + Dimension

If you want to create warmth or add a sculpted effect to your face, just pick your perfect shade of Luminous Foundation, plus shade that is darker than your natural skin tone. Apply your perfect shade as you normally would. Blend with Foundation BrushThen tap along your cheeks with your fingertips until you find your cheekbone. Instead of applying your perfect contour shade of Luminous Foundation under the bone, start closest to the ear and follow right along the cheekbone itself, softly blending upwards for a sculpted effect. You can also add the deeper shade on top of the forehead and along the jawline for extra dimension.




    Brighten + Lift

    If you want your cheekbones to reach the sky, pick your perfect shade of Luminous Foundation plus a shade that is lighter than your natural skin tone. Apply your perfect shade as you normally would, then swipe your highlighting shade along the outer edge of the orbital bone and slightly back towards the temple. Keep the width of this shade thin for the most contrast and lift. Blend with Foundation Brush. You can also apply this shade to the center of the forehead, chin and under the eyes for extra brightness.


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