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Selfie 101

Author: Vapour Beauty Team
Selfie 101


You’re gorgeous! Let us see your natural beauty without any makeup, filters or touch ups



Great lighting is everything

Soft, even light is the goal. It’s diffuse, it’s flattering and virtually eliminates any hard shadows

How to get it:

  1. Position yourself facing a window.
  2. Open an outside door and stand just inside the entryway for soft, even light. 
  3. Stand outdoors in direct sunlight. Avoid shooting under high noon’s strong shadows. If you have no choice, tilt your face up towards the sun and hold your phone slightly above you to minimize the shadows.

Three ways to ruin a selfie

  1. Backlit selfies! They can wash out your skin tone or make your complexion look shadowy and dim. 
  2. Color Shift. If the walls or ceiling around you are not white they can cast a color and affect how your skin tone reads on camera.
  3. Avoid wearing makeup or using filters when sending in a selfie for a foundation match.



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