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Sustainability Update: Solar Goals

Author: Krysia Boinis
Sustainability Update: Solar Goals

Krysia Boinis, Vapour Co-Founder

We believe in living close to the land and being one with nature. Today Vapour uses 50% renewable energy at our headquarters, manufacturing, warehouse and research facilities in Taos, New Mexico. This includes extensive use of skylights for natural lighting throughout our facility.

We have set a goal of becoming 100% Daylight Solar by 2022  and we’re excited to report that the project is ahead of schedule and all signs point to achieving this goal early.

Taos Innovation

Our like minded local electric coop, Kit Carson Electric, was selected to participate in the Department of Energy and National Renewable Energy’s ‘Solar Energy Innovation Network’ to demonstrate that renewable energy can be technically integrated into a rural grid. “This project will provide a pathway for other rural cooperatives, municipalities and communities…” say Luis Reyes, Kit Carson Electric Coop, CEO. 

Steps Towards Sustainability 

This past fall the Taos solar site, built by PPC Solar, was prepped with piles and racking to accommodate twelve thousand solar panels. Soon these panels will generate four megawatts of electricity and will provide daylight solar power to Vapour HQ (and a large portion of the Town of Taos.) The array is part of a larger project designed to power all of the electric needs of Taos.

Site Visit

I had the opportunity to visit the site in person and see the progress up close. It’s hard to grasp the scope of the array until you walk the 20 acre site, it’s huge. The panels are pretty magical, they sparkle like jewels in the sun and I was struck by how silent the array is; so much energy potential with no pollution, not even noise pollution. 

On site I wore the required hard hat and neon safety vest and couldn’t resist accenting the gear with a soft matte complexion and High Voltage Lipstick in Primal on both lips and cheeks. (LOL)

What’s Next

The next phase of the Taos solar project involves connecting the panels to the grid which is scheduled for completion this Spring. Vapour looks forward to being 100% daylight solar powered. It’s an important step in our journey towards greater sustainability and continued environmental respect.

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  • Lynn on

    I definitely applaud Vapour for offering clean and beautiful products. I’m even more impressed with your company being such a wonderful example of making changes to practice sustainability for our earth. It inspires me to be more mindful and respectful to our environment.

  • LEnore on

    I love all the sustainablity work you are doing. It’s so important. Thank you for spearheading this movement within cosmetics!

  • Taylor on

    I’ve been a Vapour fan for many years and I love seeing the brand evolve and make bigger and bigger steps towards sustainability. You guys rock!!!

  • Gloria K on

    Brands conscious about the environment’s health are typically conscious about their consumer’s health. I’m hoping more beauty brands follow Vapour’s footsteps.

  • Ashley C on

    I love love love supporting companies that are moving towards and employing more sustainable practices. The fact that Vapour has created such beautiful products without harming either the buyer or Mother Earth will keep me coming back!

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