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Spotlight on Perfect Powdering

Author: Vapour Beauty Team
Spotlight on Perfect Powdering

When glow becomes shine here’s how to kiss it goodbye… We're chatting with Vapour National Makeup Artist, Nicole Cudzilo, about achieving the perfect finish:

Nicole's Secret 

The best way to get a flawless finish is the Press and Roll Technique where powder is applied with intent, instead of randomly dusting it on. 

Pick up a small amount of our Perfecting Powder and lightly tap off excess. For the ultimate control (who doesn’t want that) hold the brush close to the ferrule and deliberately press the fibers onto the skin. Then roll the brush as you lift it off. Start setting the center of your face and work your way out. Repeat these steps across your skin.


Pressed Perfecting Powder comes in a cute mirrored compact. It’s a silky tapioca based formula that cuts shine without dulling the skin. Perfect for quick touch ups throughout the day. 

The Vapour Sculpting Brush is teardrop-shaped for perfect powder pick up, placement and diffusion. It’s cruelty free synthetic fibers are non-porous (which prevents them from lifting too much product). Brush handles are made from FSC-certified sustainably sourced Birch. Need we say more?

Powder Looks

Natural Skin

For a natural look less is always more.

Dewy Skin

If you're looking for dewy skin, precision powdering specific areas with a smaller brush, like our Detail Brush, is key. 



Set lids with powder to make eyeshadow or eyeliner last longer. This will combat creasing and help products blend seamlessly.

Matte Lips

To mattify your favorite satin shade of High Voltage Lipstick, take a tissue and separate it from two ply into one. Place the tissue on lips and lightly tap powder through the tissue. There, now you have it – an ultra matte lip.

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