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Structured Brows

Author: Vapour Beauty Staff
Structured Brows

Brows can be a game changer. The right brow shape and placement will balance and flatter your features. Structured brows are a classic that add dimension for a polished look.

Structured Brows

Create your personal brow template with Brow Mapping 101

Begin with a sharpened pencil for best control with placement and shaping. 

Fill in with short hairlike strokes. Start at the arch of the brow and move towards the brow tail using gentle pressure. Lighten and lift pressure at the end of each stroke. 

Now fill in the front of the brow with the same light pressure. Begin at the bottom of the brow and flick upwards. 

Use the spoolie side of the pencil to diffuse strokes and blend. Move over the brow several times to achieve the perfect balance of structure and softness.


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  • Roxie on

    To Erin, you can use any standard cosmetic pencil sharpener with the Brow Definer. :)

  • Erin on

    What sharpener do you recommend for this pencil?

  • Kathleen Bowers on

    PS Ladies, make sure to click on the Brow Mapping 101 template, as it’s really a helpful guide also.

  • Kathleen Bowers on

    You’ve laid out the steps so clearly. I plan to follow this technique for better results. Thanks so much!

  • Stanzie on

    I’m not the best at brows, so thanks for the details.

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