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Taos Inspires Our Packaging

Author: Krysia Boinis
Taos Inspires Our Packaging

How does the iconic Taos Gorge inspire Vapour’s new packaging?

Taos is a destination in itself, it’s not really on the way anywhere, making the journey there requires a definite intention.

First you must navigate through a rugged canyon along the backs of the rushing Rio Grande where hairpin turns wind through dramatic cliffs. At the end of this canyon you ascend in altitude and as you crest the summit a majestic landscape reveals itself. The Taos Gorge is the centerpiece framed by Taos Mountain and wrapped in the ethereal light of the sky. I am inspired by this vista every time I return from a trip out of town. It welcomes me home. It never disappoints and always invokes a feeling of reverence and gratitude.

Taos’ iconic beauty, its unique land and sky scape, inspire the look and feel of our Vapour packaging.


The deep burgundy of High Voltage Lipstick echoes the volcanic rock face of the Gorge.

The Blush Powder compact and Luminous Foundation tube colors are seen in the ever changing sky.

Essential Daily Primer and Mesmerize Mascara components reference the high desert mesas of chamisa and sage.


From the first soft touch of the Vapour product box with its raised lettering you embark on a textural journey. The play of light absorption and reflection is expressed in the contrast of the velvety touch of the Pressed Powder compacts and Eyeshadow Quad with the silky, metallic Highlight Stick and Lip Nectar


Taos’ expansive spaces, that stretch to the horizon line in every direction, are embodied in the minimal geometric forms and sleek lines of our packaging. No embellishment needed. The beauty is in the simplicity and purity of the forms themselves.

Even the crisp click of the caps and snap of the compacts speak to the quality of the product inside. This is our way of sharing a reflection of Taos and I hope you enjoy the full experience of Vapour as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

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  • Kelly on

    The packaging is elegant and simple. Knowing the color palette reflects the southwest is a thoughtful touch.

  • Maddie on

    Interesting to hear that Taos landscape inspired your new packaging. Not just the colors but textures too. I appreciate the thought Vapour puts into every aspect of what you do.

  • Susan Lind on

    Of course the cosmetics are wonderful, but I also love the containers. I never have to worry about spills and the tubular design is perfect for travel.

  • Chelsea W on

    Love hearing what inspired the new packaging design. Looks great!

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