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Ultra Minimalist Makeup

Author: Vapour Beauty Team
Ultra Minimalist Makeup

Just what you need and nothing you don’t. A less is more approach will amplify and enhance your natural beauty. Easier than a full face, a minimalist approach lets your features and natural tones take center stage.

STEP 1: Choose Your Focus

This may be mascara and lip balm, an all-over-glow with bronzer and curled lashes, or a bright & cheery pout. Decide what feature you'd like to focus on and build from there. Pick a look that lets you feel like the best version of yourself.

STEP 2: Pick the Right Shades

What colors naturally look the best on you? Choose shades that effortlessly add life and glow to your complexion.


    For a deeper dive into color selection for your skin tone check out these Vapour articles: Lip & Cheek by Undertone ,   Meet your Perfect Red,   Summer Nudes for Warm & Cool Skin

    STEP 3: Keep it Simple

    Use your fingers to melt cream products into the skin. Go for soft washes of color instead of precise placement. Multi-task. First blot in lip color with your fingers. Then use what’s left on your fingertips as a blush. Or the remaining bronzer on your brush can become a barely-there eyeshadow.

    Amazing Minimalist Multi-Purpose Products

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