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Up Your Selfie Game

Author: Vapour Beauty Team
Up Your Selfie Game

Selfies are a great way to share your current mood. Whether for work or with family and friends, selfies are a fun way to capture the moment and share it with others. We’ve got the skinny on making it easy. Follow our pro tips for your best shot every time.

Great lighting is everything

Soft, even light will eliminate harsh shadows, even out your skin and even hide texture and lines.

  • Position yourself facing a window.
  • Open an outside door and stand just inside the entryway for soft, even light.

Technical Tips

Phone cameras have wide angle lenses. At a close distance it will distort your face to some extent. To lessen this effect, hold your phone at a full arm’s length away, or prop it up on a table or windowsill and use the timer to snap your selfie.

Keep the camera lens at eye level or slightly above. Experiment with tilting your head in different directions. Try straight-on and slightly above angles to find your favorite.

Add bounced light for a super flattering soft and glowy look. Place a large white piece of paper just out of the frame under your chin. This will add extra sparkly catchlights in your eyes!

Photos can wash you out and take off your makeup by as much as 30%

It’s time to add some makeup! Apply your perfect foundation then press on Perfecting Powder to minimize shine and keep the skin looking soft & smooth.

Adding a few well placed pops of color is a great way to brighten your complexion. For a Super Natural look choose a healthy lip + blush color plus mascara.

OR play up your eyes with a fun liner look or a soft shadow. Go one step further and add a soft brow to create subtle structure.


Wear a top in a color that compliments your skin + hair color. Deep jewel or rich earth tones suit many people and always read well in photos.

Make eye contact! Show off your confidence by looking directly into the lens; not at the broader area of your phone. Integrate your personality and above all – HAVE FUN.



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