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WHY Waterless Makeup?

Author: Krysia Boinis
WHY Waterless Makeup?

We believe in living close to the land and being one with nature. Water stress impacts 44% of the world’s population and for us it’s personal.

In our arid, high desert home of Taos, New Mexico, we recognize water as a precious and limited resource. That’s why we’ve formulated 95% of our products without water. We use it where it’s appropriate––not as an easy filler.

Why is water used in so many cosmetics? 

Water is an inexpensive and an effective solvent. It can dissolve many beneficial ingredients (including plant-based extracts, fruit acids and some vitamins) into solution to make them more available for skin.

Water is also used to make emulsions in which oil and water are combined into creams and lotions. In addition, water is an effective ingredient to thin out products for increased spreadability/payoff and for a light skin feel. 

We use water in our Essential Daily Primer, which extends the wear time of any makeup you put on top of it. We also use water in our Mesmerize Mascara, which, after 8 years of research and testing, just can’t be water-free.


What types of makeup can be waterless?

Our foundation formulas are waterless. Each provides very different finishes and coverage for different skin types. Soft Focus Foundation has a mousse-like texture and a natural satin finish. Luminous Foundation is a concealer-highlighter-contourer-foundation in one convenient stick and offers a luminous, customizable finish. All of our lip and cheek products are waterless: from matte and satin High Voltage Lipsticks to creamy Aura Multi Sticks to shiny Elixir Gloss.


How does Waterless formulation benefit skin? 

Anhydrous (waterless) formulation makes Vapour color cosmetics potent, effective and luxurious. Our products are full of emollient botanical extracts and nourishing antioxidant oils. These ingredients effectively feed skin, like skin care, while providing rich color and superior textures—all without the use of silicones and dimethicones. Some “clean” brands choose to use silicones and dimethicones but we’ve put these questionable ingredients on our "Free From" list.

What’s the best way to minimize water in your beauty routine?

It’s easy to reduce water in your beauty routine by choosing when it’s best to use anhydrous and when it’s best to use water-based products. Think about what you’re trying to get out of the product. If you’re searching for concentrated skin nourishment look to products that are waterless. 

Save water-based skincare for skin treatments with hydrophilic ingredients like fruit acids and water-soluble vitamins, like Vitamin C. Last but not least, be conscious of how you use running water by turning off the tap when brushing your teeth and consider turning off the shower when allowing hair conditioner to set and while shaving.

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  • Vanessa Nakanand on

    After reading this blog I have learned so much more about clean make up. I am currently in the transition of using clean make up and I chose vapour beauty for this reason. This brand stands for so much more than just being a clean brand. Thank you for all this information, water is indeed so important and an essential! I save water everyday by filling up a big bowl of water and rinsing and washing the dishes instead of leaving the water running all the time, and also turning the pipe off when I brush my teeth.

  • Stanzie on

    Thanks for the info!

  • Maria WOod on

    Always learning from your posts. Thank you!

  • Karina Rabago on

    I think it’s amazing that you provide waterless makeup. I never understood why till now. Also, I do my part in saving water by using your makeup as well as turn off the water when I brush my teeth.

  • Mame on

    You don’t really think about water in products like cosmetics until you read a post like this. Thanks for the perspective on this, and for not using water where you don’t have to.

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