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Yoga for Stability + Calm

Author: Krysia Boinis
Yoga for Stability + Calm

It takes real effort to find center amidst all of the uncertainty these days. I’m gravitating toward practices that give tangible results—and Yoga is one of them. Every time I practice yoga I feel empowered: stronger, more flexible, balanced and clearer in my body, mind and heart. 

I consulted my long time friend, Aura Garver, on ways to navigate these times with Yoga. Aura is a personal trainer, master yoga instructor and founder of the Aurafitness Yoga School in Taos. Our conversation turned to Tadasana, (aka Mountain pose) which is all about stability. Aura shared that in Tadasana the foundation of the mountain is your feet firmly planted in the Earth. The crown of your head is the Mountain peak, representing the stillness and clarity above the swirling clouds of our changing thoughts and emotions. 

Aura’s description of Mountain pose spoke deeply to me and led us to create a special 30 minute yoga video. This flow was created especially for you, inspired by Taos Mountain, a cherished source of strength and serenity.  

Please accept our gift of this Tadasana flow led by one of my very favorite people, Aura (@aurafitness_taos) who always inspires with her strength and grace. Namaste. 

Score $10 classes. Aura is offering our readers access to her live stream classes at a special rate for a limited time. Mention “Friend of Vapour” when you RSVP.

Sign up for Aura’s Zoom class.

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  • marysia on

    Wonderful practice. Thank you!

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