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The Atmosphere

Vapour’s definitive guide to naturally beautiful living – including inspired makeup looks, artistry tips and insight into our passions and provocative points of view.

Love Yourself List – It's All About Pink

The color pink is the color of universal love. Pink represents friendship, harmony and inner...

Inspiration: Matte Smoothing Primer

Well before I became a cosmetics formulator, I was an artist, a painter, and still...

Sustainability Update: Solar Goals

Krysia Boinis, Vapour Co-Founder We believe in living close to the land and being one...

Taos Inspires Our Packaging

How does the iconic Taos Gorge inspire Vapour’s new packaging? Taos is a destination in...

Strong Women of the West

"I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life - and I've never let it...

Get to know our cofounder Kristine Keheley

An artist whose first love is pure color, Kristine is Vapour's colorist and formulator.

Get to know our cofounder Krysia Boinis

The quintessential Taos nature girl, Krysia is the creative force behind Vapour’s branding + marketing.