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Make the Elixir Smoothie

Posted by Brenda Van Horn on
Vapour Blog

Five superfoods are in Elixir Lip Gloss, and they make a killer smoothie, too.

Originally published on the Free People blog.

“As a young girl I loved creating costumes, which often included makeup. For this, my mom had one rule: ‘use anything in the kitchen except what’s under the sink.’ Anything that was edible was fair game and a powerful seed was planted—food is not only what you eat but what you put on your skin,“ shares Krysia Boinis, Vapour co-founder and DIY enthusiast.

Vapour’s efforts toward being green align with these healthy lifestyle choices. Nestled at the base of Taos Mountain, Vapour operates its own USDA approved organic lab. Vapour is cruelty–free, uses passive solar and wind power, and none of the products contain toxic chemicals to pollute our bodies or the Earth. Packaging is made from recycled materials and is recyclable and since all Vapour formulas are waterless, there is no stress on the valuable fresh water aquifer either. These choices maximize quality and health while minimizing the company’s environmental footprint every step of the way. Vapour Beauty’s approach to crafting high-performance cosmetics includes only the purest, active ingredients from the Earth—and nothing else.

Vapour Blog

The magic lighting effects around Taos; An assortment of Elixir Lip Gloss.

“So today it’s only natural that in making Vapour we choose wholesome, organic, whole food ingredients. We’re putting on our bodies what we would be happy putting in our bodies.” 

Vapour’s products are designed with synergy in mind to be dynamically rich in protective antioxidants. Scientists researching antioxidants understand that these free-radical scavengers are most potent in blends. One antioxidant alone is not as effective as the synergy of several. One example, Vapour Elixir Lip Gloss, is packed with five Super Foods that provide antioxidant protection every time you wear it.

Krysia shares a delicious antioxidant super smoothie made using these five Super Foods: green tea, açaí berry, goji berry, apricot and plum.

Vapour Blog

Elixir is available in 19 shades for every taste; The finished Elixir Smoothie: Bottom's up!

Vapour Elixir Super Food Smoothie


  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1 cup green tea
  • 1 banana
  • 1 Tablespoon açaí powder
  • ¼ cup goji berries
  • ¼ cup dried or fresh apricots
  • 2 Tablespoon dried plums


  1. Start by boiling 1 cup of water and steep the green tea. Allow tea to cool to room temperature.
  2. Meanwhile, slice dried plums into strips.
  3. Blend coconut milk, cooled green tea, banana, apricot, goji berries and açaí powder.
  4. Pour into glass and top with sliced plum strips.
  5. Enjoy and feel this potent blends synergistic magic!

The Nature of Beauty Book Review

Posted by Brenda Van Horn on
Vapour Blog

Some classic Vapour products featured in Imelda Burke's new book, The Nature of Beauty.

Thinking about making the switch to Natural Beauty? Or want to know more about what choices you have? Vapour Organic Beauty is thrilled to be featured in The Nature of Beauty by Imelda Burke. This new book is the definitive guide to a new generation of natural beauty, skincare and makeup. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for all beauty lovers.

This book was written from all the tips, knowledge and insight shared with me via the 1000's of conversations with my team, brand owners, customers, industry experts and beauty bloggers over the past 9 years.” —Imelda Burke

Choosing natural beauty means being conscious about what you're buying: what you are you putting on your skin, what it does and where it comes from. This honest, expert book will teach you how to recognize what your skin needs and how to buy the best products for you. It offers both time-honored and modern techniques, tips and guidance for all ages, and showcases the powerful ingredients and brands that you need to know about.

It's the book I wish was around when I first wanted to make the switch to natural and organic beauty 17 years ago and is an introduction to both natural products and taking care of your skin.” —Imelda Burke

Vapour Blog

Imelda determines that Vapour Organic Beauty is a clean beauty replacement for Kevyn Aucoin

Foundation Matching and Undertones Demystified

Posted by Official Vapour Blog on
Vapour Blog

Vapour’s globally inclusive shade range

*This article originally appeared on the Credo Beauty Blog

Artists are familiar with color as a language for expression and the same goes for Makeup Artists. But, with skin as their canvas, Makeup Artists have the unique challenge of selecting colors that will harmonize with a person’s specific surface skin color and their subtler undertones.

In our conversations with Annie and the Credo team, we’ve learned that most women have a lot of uncertainty when it comes to picking their foundation shade and identifying their undertones.

If that confusion describes you, don’t worry. Color is subjective and emotional, and undertones are subtle.

Undertone is a color theory term, describing how different colors mix and whether they appear warm, cool or neutral. Your skin isn’t just one even color—its surface color varies depending on what lies beneath and how thick or thin it is. At Vapour we’ve designed our foundation shades to be versatile and forgiving by including warm and cool pigments in almost every formula, making color matching easier on you.

Knowing your undertone helps you find complementary shades of makeup and clothing to accentuate your natural beauty. Undertones fall into three main categories:

WARM — earthy yellow, bronze or gold
COOL — jewel-toned pink, blue or silver
NEUTRAL — a blend or balance of warm and cool colors

Vapour Blog

Warm, neutral, cool skin tones

So, how do you know where you fall? Below are several techniques for determining your undertone(s). These suggestions may not work for everyone—you may need to experiment to discover your true undertone, and don’t underestimate your natural inclinations toward color in makeup and wardrobe. What makes you feel good inside reflects on the outside. 

  • Vein Color
    One common way of determining your skin undertone is by looking at the veins on the inner wrist or elbow in natural sunlight. If they look bluish, your undertone is cool, and if they look more green or yellow then your undertone is warm. If they are a mix, or you can't really tell, then you probably have a neutral skin tone. 
  • Jewelry
    Silver, white gold and platinum accentuate cool undertones, while yellow gold accentuates warm undertones. The metal that harmonizes with your undertones will give you a fresh, bright look. Neutral undertones are complemented by both silver and gold. 
  • White Cloth 
    First pull your hair back and put a white cloth, like a towel or T-shirt, around your neck and shoulders. The white fabric will draw out a subtle cast of color in your face. Blue or pink indicate cool undertones, while yellow and peach indicate warm undertones. Neutral undertones tend to look greenish next to the white cloth.

When researching undertones, we found there is much more information available for lighter and Caucasian skin so we asked Vapour friend and MUA, Dionne Belle, for advice.

To identify undertones on darker skin, Dionne recommends looking under the eye (on top of cheekbones) and on the side of the palm because skin can be lighter there. She also says that wearing white clothes can be really helpful. “It’s important to look at yourself in natural light as well because artificial lights can change how your skin looks,” she says. When asked how she likes using Vapour makeup Dionne replied, “I love working with Vapour, the colors are beautiful and so forgiving. They cover such a wide range of race and ethnicities; they really work for everyone.”

It’s not accurate to assume skin undertones are based on race. For example, we can’t assume all Asians have warm undertones. The surface yellowness of skin does not necessarily mean warm undertones—there are warm yellows and cool yellows. There’s also a difference between brown skin with warm orange-red undertones, and brown skin with cool, jewel undertones. This also applies to olive-toned skin.

Similarly, a person who has rosacea does not necessarily have cool undertones because of the “pink” seen on their face. There is such a broad spectrum of colors with skin, we recommend trying the above tips for all skin tones.

At Vapour we design Fine Art Infused color. Unlike synthetic FD&C pigments that lay flat on the skin like latex paint, we exclusively use natural pigments. Our color blends are more like oil paint, permitting light to pass through and harmonize with a wide range of skin tones. Our foundation shades are more versatile than those of some other brands, both because they include warm and cool pigments and they utilize the play of light on your skin. It can be surprising to see the same Vapour foundation shade or lipstick working perfectly on women who seem to have very different skin tones. We create color that responds to your unique coloring, so every shade becomes a custom shade. 


Pumpkin and Papaya Body Scrub

Posted by Brenda Van Horn on
Vapour Blog

Simple and pure ingredients for healthy skin

Originally published on

Founded in the mountains of Taos, New Mexico, Vapour is focused on clean, nontoxic, sustainable products infused with healthy-skin antioxidants, botanical extracts and moisturizers that look as good as they feel. And because testing the entire world of all-natural beauty is co-founder Krysia Boinis’ job, we couldn't possibly think of anyone better to give us a crash course in DIY beauty.

Pumpkin and Papaya are two potent organic ingredients in Stratus Skin Perfecting Primer. Krysia shares how to turn these into an exfoliating, skin softening body scrub.

As it turns out, pumpkins are great for your skin—they're loaded with vitamins A, C and E, plus heaps of beta-carotene, zinc, potassium and antioxidants, which help eliminate redness and spots.

Added bonus: This scrub is incredibly easy to make, and you probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen right now!

Krysia says, “My mom introduced me to DIY skin care. She had one rule: Use anything in the kitchen except what's under the sink. Anything that was edible was fair game, and powerful seeds were planted: food is not only what you eat, but what you put on your skin. Creating meals with organic, whole-food ingredients, she taught me to put on my body what I would be happy putting inside my body.

This pumpkin and papaya scrub is inspired by my mom's love of using seasonal produce in our skin care creations. The first pumpkins are arriving at our farmers market, so now is the perfect time to enjoy this delicious seasonal scrub.”



  • 2 cups of fresh organic pumpkin but canned pumpkin can be substituted.
  • 1 papaya
  • 3 tablespoons raw honey
  • 1 cup organic sugar
Vapour Blog

Steps 1 and 2: Steam n' Scoop


1: Start by steaming 2 cups of fresh organic pumpkin for 15 minutes or until soft when prodded with a fork. Do not oversteam; vital nutrients are degraded by overcooking.

2: While your pumpkin is steaming, remove the seeds from a papaya and scoop the flesh into a mixing bowl.

3: Once the pumpkin is steamed and cooled, mash it and the papaya with the back of a fork (or in a food processor); add 3 tablespoons raw honey and 1 cup organic sugar. Mix well.

Vapour Blog

Step 3: Mix; The final product

Directions for use

1: Spread the mixture on your hands and feet and massage in small circular motions for several minutes to gently release dead cells and rough skin.

2: Try to spend a few minutes on each part of your body using light to medium pressure. The abrasiveness of the sugar will remove dead skin cells.


Taos: Vapour Beauty's Wonderland

Posted by Brenda Van Horn on
Vapour Blog

Krysia stands high above the Rio Grand Gorge during a spectacular sunrise

Originally published on the Free People Blog.

Art and alchemy merge in Taos, NM, where founders Krysia Boinis and Kristine Keheley create Vapour Beauty.  A muse for infinite creativity, Taos has a light and energy all its own that inspires Vapour’s unique formulas. Living close to the elements and being surrounded by the magic of Taos allows us to connect with authentic beauty, both inside and out.

The natural landscape of Taos is both rugged and vast. High-desert mesas and the deep Rio Grande gorge contrast with the jutting mountains and rushing waters. The expansive sky and crystalline light wrap around it all to influence everything and everyone here.

Every mile of land here is saturated with human story. Tiwa-speaking Pueblo Natives have tended the spirit of this place for thousands of years. Some Hispanic families here trace their roots back to the conquistadors who arrived long before the United States existed. ‘Anglos’ first arrived as mountain men, outlaws and adventurers. Taos’ rich history of ancient and multicultural traditions mingling with inventors, free thinkers and artists, results in a distinct creative atmosphere.

Vapour Blog

The Milky Way in the Taos night sky; Kristine’s “Cloudbreak”, oil on canvas

Kristine says the movement of weather across sky and landscape has always influenced her painting. “It is a very unconventional and free-thinking person that thrives in Taos. Because of the land, because we know that it’s more powerful than we are. People here really accept that as part of their daily life. It’s important to live a sustainable life here, because of how close we are to the land.”

Taos invites spiritual revelation — the energy here is stimulating, catalytic and awakens clarity. The rugged landscape teaches us that we can thrive in any condition, but only with a willingness and ability to adapt. We think differently when we can see the vast horizon line. It literally opens up new pathways in the brain and allows for expansive ideas and new solutions.

“At the end of the workday I sit outside, become still and expand my awareness to the sky,” says Krysia. “I find that staring out at the blue sky, beyond the clouds and weather, clears all mental activity of the day. It brings a quiet, clear, open state of being. I have been ‘sky gazing’ for over twenty years in Taos and just recently learned that it is a formal Tibetan practice from the meditation tradition of Dzogchen, which aims to cultivate resting the mind in a natural state, free from conceptual elaborations. Wow.”

Vapour Blog

The view of the Rio Grande Gorge that greets residents and visitors arriving from the south

Krysia says that Taos empowers us to be unconventional and true to ourselves. “It encourages us to listen to our intuition and trust our inner sense of direction. We are out here on the land, in the elements, steeping in the creativity of the Earth herself, and Vapour is a tangible reflection of this.”

“The magical mix that makes Taos Taos, also makes Vapour different from any other brand.” Kristine sums it up, “It’s a little bit pioneer, a little bit outlaw, a little bit adventurer and a lot of art. I think we’re very much of this place.”