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Our Founders

Our Founders live out of bounds and in their element. They are nonconformist, free-spirited self-aware, alternative thinkers and powerful innovators of Vapour’s unconventionally clean and deliberately sustainable beauty.

Krysia Boinis, Vapour Beauty co-founder, is the OG unconventionalist. Krysia broke free from the pressure to conform to society’s standards when she discovered the free-spirited community of Taos. She is Vapour’s Creative Director guiding branding and marketing strategies. Committed to holistic wellness after surviving a life-threatening cancer diagnosis she also co-founded Taos AER. Krysia embodies positive living and is a true pioneer in clean beauty; her passions for cultivating consciousness, deliberate sustainability and creating inclusive beauty are infused in the values of Vapour.

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Kristine Keheley, Vapour Beauty co-founder, is the expert colorist and visionary formulator behind the brand’s elegant and truly clean products. She is driven by a passion for revolutionizing product performance coupled with a commitment to environmental integrity. She is an experienced anhydrous formulator who invented the distinctive processes used in Vapour Beauty resulting in five Allure Best of Beauty Awards. Kristine’s creativity, her understanding of manufacturing, and her focus on sustainability, position Vapour Beauty at the forefront of clean beauty innovation. She also co-founded and formulated Taos AER deodorant, a true innovation in the emerging field of natural deodorants. Under Kristine’s leadership Taos AER is expanding into elevated lifestyle essentials always focused on transparency and environmental responsibility.

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