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Our Community + Our Planet

We care for you and the planet every day by donating to Dream Tree and Amigos Bravos. By supporting these causes, we’re taking action to create a positive future where together we respect natural resources and each other.


Vapour donates $1 from every Aura Multi Stick sold worldwide to support youth in crisis with the DreamTree Project.

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In the US alone, housing insecurity affects over half a million youth every year. DreamTree Project in Taos helps youth in crisis who are in need of safety, housing, meals and compassionate support services. Youth receive assistance in a safe environment inclusive of all races, ethnicities, religions, genders and sexual orientations.


DreamTree provides both emergency shelter and longer term transitional housing where residents live independently while working and going to school. This includes access to resources we believe are basic human rights: healthy food, water, clothing, shelter, hygiene supplies and skills to keep them strong, healthy, resilient and growing.


Giving Back to Our Planet

Vapour donates $1 from every Bronzing Powder sold worldwide to protect fresh water rivers and streams in New Mexico with Amigos Bravos.

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Water stress impacts 44% of the world population and for us it’s personal. In our arid, high desert home of Taos, New Mexico, we recognize water as a precious resource. Amigos Bravos heads statewide efforts to protect the Rio Grande and its tributaries by: restoring watershed health, holding industry and government agencies accountable for water pollution and defending pristine waters from contamination.

Restoring Watershed Health

Healthy watersheds are critical to the wellbeing of New Mexico’s people, plants, and animals.

Holding Polluters Accountable

Holding polluters and government agencies accountable for water contamination and hazardous waste.

Defending Waters that Sustain Communities and Cultures

Empowering individuals and communities to protect and restore the waters in their own backyards.


Vapour’s $1 for clean water supports Amigos Bravos in defending Outstanding National Resource Waters (ONRWs) for generations to come. ONRW status identifies waters of exceptional ecological, environmental, traditional and recreational significance and helps to ensure their value remains pristine. Amigos Bravos provides leadership for the Outstanding Waters Coalition that is made up of elected officials, pueblo representatives and conservation groups in the current landscape of decreased federal clean water protection. 

Amigos Bravos has helped New Mexico designate over 700 miles of rivers and streams, 29 lakes, and 6,000 acres of wetlands as Outstanding National Resource Waters.

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