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Caring for You + the Planet

We Care for You + the Planet every day with clean plant-based makeup and our “Earth First'' mindset. We believe in progress, doing good and having fun. We hold a vision of a positive future where we respect natural resources and each other. Let’s build a healthy and more sustainable future together.


Vapour donates $1 from every Bronzing Powder sold worldwide to protect fresh water rivers and streams in New Mexico with Amigos Bravos.


Water stress impacts 44% of the world population and for us it’s personal. In our arid, high desert home of Taos, New Mexico, we recognize water as a precious resource. Amigos Bravos heads statewide efforts in NM to protect the Rio Grande and its tributaries by:

Restoring Watershed Health

Healthy watersheds are critical to the wellbeing of New Mexico’s people, plants, and animals.

Holding Polluters Accountable

Holding polluters and government agencies accountable for water contamination and hazardous waste.

Defending Waters that Sustain Communities and Cultures

Empowering individuals and communities to protect and restore the waters in their own backyards.

Amigos Bravos has helped New Mexico designate over 700 miles of rivers and streams, 29 lakes, and about 6,000 acres of wetlands as Outstanding National Resource Waters, a protection under the Clean Water Act that protects existing uses on a water body while stopping any new degradation of water quality.

Learn more about Amigos Bravos environmental work here.