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Vapour respects the power of plants to support health, beauty and wellbeing. We have earned the “Champion Safety Status” from the Environmental Working Group and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

We set high standards for ingredient performance and purity; our clean ingredients meet or exceed international green beauty standards. Ingredients are responsibly sourced and have the best environmental ratings. We choose organically farmed and naturally derived, minimally processed ingredients.


Organic farming nurtures the health of farmers and ecosystems, mitigates climate change, protects the water table from pesticide run-off, and supports healthy bee colonies. When choosing ingredients, we consider their impact on habitat, water supplies and aquatic life.


Our cosmetics support skin with nourishing antioxidants, EFAs (essential fatty acids), vitamins and minerals. Healthy ingredients blended with intention encourage beautiful, radiant skin.

Our products do not contain synthetic FD&C or Lake colorants. Vapour is colored exclusively with minerals and carmine.

Mineral pigments have been used since the cave paintings of Lascaux in 15,000 B.C. Mineral pigments are compatible with skin color and tone resulting in the most natural looking and inclusive shade range.

Aztec and Mayan peoples colored textiles with carmine as early as the 15th century. Its first recorded cosmetic use was in England in 1523. Carmine is the cleanest way to achieve a diverse and complex range of pinks and reds.

Vapour does not use any artificial fragrances or perfumes. Our scents are created exclusively using pure essential oils and natural fruit flavors.