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Expanded Shade Range + Glass Bottles

This Earth Day Vapour has two exciting announcements.

We have expanded our shade range in foundation and concealer, 
and are transitioning all of our plastic packaging to elegant, sustainable glass.


Vapour is launching SEVEN new Atmosphere Foundation shades
in both the Soft Focus (liquid/bottle) and Luminous (solid/stick) formulas, 
and NINE new Illusionist Concealer shades to match the foundation range.

While in recent years conventional cosmetic brands have expanded their 
foundation ranges to represent a more diverse audience, Vapour is one
of the first to offer such an extensive range in the natural beauty space.
Vapour now offers 19 Foundation shades and 18 Concealers.

“We live in a moment when women are speaking up and being heard. 
We see every day that we are strongest when we unite and support one another. 
Beauty, like love, is infinite. On the cosmetic level, I love seeing women have that
a-ha moment when Vapour matches their skin tone."
—Kristine Keheley, Vapour Formulator and cofounder

“The new Atmosphere Foundation shades are a celebration of the full spectrum
of beauty. Vapour’s Fine Art Infused Color is designed to enhance our unique
beauty and is an invitation to embrace our individuality.”
—Krysia Boinis, Vapour CEO and cofounder

ASK A BEAUTY EXPERT for help finding your perfect match
in Atmosphere Foundation and Illusionist Concealer.

At Vapour, our commitment to personal and planetary health runs deep.

We are pleased to now use glass packaging for Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation,
Stratus Soft Focus Skin Perfecting Primer and our newly reformulated Skin Care Suite:

Essence Restorative Night Treatment, now USDA Certified Organic

Rescue Skin Recovery Serum

Visionary Advanced Solution Serum

Clarity Organic Makeup Remover

Replenish Organic Nail & Cuticle Oil