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Unauthorized Online Retailers

At Vapour Organic Beauty, we track unauthorized sellers and aim to close "Grey Market" accounts that engage in this practice. Help us protect the integrity of the Vapour products you love from unauthorized sellers by reporting suspicious behavior to

Buying from an unauthorized online retailer may result in you receiving used, damaged, spoiled, outdated and even counterfeit products. We do not guarantee these products and will not replace products purchased from these vendors.

The websites listed below have no relationship with Vapour Organic Beauty. They have acquired our products from sources unknown to us, therefore, we take no responsibility for them. This is a partial list of "Grey Market" online retailers. This list does not represent all unauthorized sellers but we do update this list regularly.

Unauthorized E-Stores


Unauthorized Amazon Sellers

  • Diamond Cosmetics
  • Impact Product Solutions
  • Natura Bella
  • Nellie Abigail
  • Bid-girl
  • Posh Babies
  • Shop Mall USA
  • The General Store LLC
  • Ile de Beauty