Vapour is manufactured to the highest food standard on-site in our Certified Organic facility* in Taos, NM USA. Our facility adheres to manufacturing practices, procedures, inspections and record keeping mandated by the USDA's National Organic Standard.

 “These are the strictest and most comprehensive organic standards in the world.”   — Dan Glickman, US Secretary of Agriculture, 2000


The National Organic Standards details the methods, practices and substances used in producing and handling Organic food products. The National Organic Standards specifically prohibits the use of harmful synthetic pesticides, genetic engineering and ionizing radiation.

Vapour is the only color cosmetic manufactured to the USDA’s Organic Food Standard.


The National Organic Standards helps protect the integrity of water, air, soil, and food supply from potentially toxic chemicals and other pollutants. The National Organic Standards combat climate change and protect species diversity  by promoting balanced, harmonious ecosystems and conservation of natural resources.

* Our facility is certified by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture, a USDA-accredited certifying agent.